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What is an Individual Service Fund?

An Individual Service Fund (ISF) is one of the ways you can receive a personal budget from Essex County Council to fund your care and support. We are the first company in the West of Essex to work on this scheme. It gives a lot more flexibility to your care and helps us to meet your specific needs. We will work on your care plan with you, focusing on what is important to you. 


October 2022

Hestia - Great Dunmow

We started working on this project with Essex County Council back in 2020, going live in October 2022. We did extensive training with Essex and Devon Councils. Implementing this training, and using the PATH template (Providing Alternative Tomorrows with Hope), we have been working on agreed goals and building a great activity schedule. This includes swimming, cycling, singing groups, discos, Audley End SEN days, community access, support with weekly shopping, budgeting and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Our staff research available resources and facilities in the local and wider areas that help meet the needs of the individuals in our care. 

What can the ISF be used for?

Using your budget to meet your needs

The provider you choose to provide care and support will receive your personal budget. This takes the pressure off of you and also the social services. If you choose us to support you, we can use your personal budget for:

  • community activities, joining local groups, staying healthy, hobbies, following interests

  • support to get out and about to see friends or family

  • short breaks or replacement care

  • purchasing services from an agency, Community Micro-enterprise or Personal Assistant

  • equipment

  • training

Image by Nathan Anderson

How to get get started

We will work alongside your Social Worker and Essex County Council

Your social worker will need to complete a review with you, and discuss the benefits of an Individual Service Fund (ISF). You will be told what you can and cannot spend your personal budget on. We must be able to evidence that we are meeting your "eligible needs" and how we can support you to achieve your goals, aspirations and dreams. 

The benefits of an ISF

You are in control and have flexibility on how your care and support is provided

Individual Service Funds are an alternative way that Essex County Council can contract with care providers. It gives you more control and choice, with the care provider being able to deliver your care in an agreed way, but also allows the care provider to broker specialised services that may be required. This means that we can ensure you are receiving the services and support that you need. Essex County Council have stated "Our vision is to have a countywide offer for ISFs with organisations in each locality able to offer this flexible service arrangement to customers". We will continue working with ECC to make this vision a reality and deliver an effective service. 

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